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new ninja 1000 owner

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just wanted to introduce myself as I recently purchased a 2015 black/grey
ninja 1000 abs.i am anxious to learn all about this bike.i also own a 2014
concourse 14 which is my go to bike for the longer tours.i live in wheatland,wy.and am 68 years old so I guess you could say I am living my
second childhood.i am long time rider and have toured all over the western u.s.
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Welcome! I think you'll enjoy the Ninja 1000 ABS (aka N1K). It is a fun bike with a very good power to weight ration but a very easy to ride motor. You might find that the N1K isn't a bad touring bike either.

I have a K16GT for when I am going to do some serious miles and/or if my wife definitely wants to ride. She likes the heated seats on the K16 a lot better than the saddle on the N1K. All in all though she doesn't mind spending time on the Ninja either.

I am glad you are enjoying your 2nd childhood on the bike. According to my wife, I never left my 1st childhood. :D
Awesome! Welcome! You will find many useful threads here.
Welcome landman!
How fun must it be to have ninja in a state with no speed limits ? Welcome aboard.
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