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New N1K owner!

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Been lurking here for the past week and finally decided to introduce myself.

I had bought a couple FZ6R's a couple months ago, but my son high sided one and ended up totaling it. Broke his foot in the process, but he's healing quickly. The 6R felt a bit under powered on the freeway so I started looking for something bigger. Test rode my buddy's FZ1, and loved it. Hit the web to see what else the FZ1 was compared to. Found several articles where the FZ1 was compared to the Suzuki 1250S and the N1K. The N1K was often the overall winner. I was hooked.

Looked at several bikes on Cycle Trader and finally pulled the trigger on Friday. Picked up a 2015 1000 ABS, Metallic Spark Black. Was used with 15k miles on it, but well taken care of.

Haven't put many miles on her, but loving it so far. The only mod the bike has is an aftermarket windscreen, but I have ordered a set of Murph's risers. The 2 must haves for me are a gel seat (yeah, the stock one kinda sucks) and the KQR bags. Is there anyplace that sells these accessories discounted or is everyone paying MSRP?

At the dealer...

Got her home!
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Welcome aboard... moved up to the N1k from the FZ6r myself. You'll love it!!
Thanks guys! Took it out with some buddies today for a short ride (around 50 miles) through some twisty mountain roads. Absolutely loved it! I was impressed at how much better it handled over the 6R...not to mention the power!
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Glad you like the bike so far. I had a 1250 Bandit ABS and it was really quite a good "universal" bike. It wasn't as sporty as the Ninja but its cockpit was a lot roomier than the N1K. Much more comfortable when riding double as well.That motor is a torque monster too and with a slip-on pipe really uncorked a lot of power. The motor was far less "buzzy" on the Bandit as well. Insurance was practically free by comparison. I seriously thought about picking up another one but the deal I to on the N1K was too good to pass up.

I've just spent about 24 hours in the saddle of my N1K the last 2 days and I have a pretty good idea of what I like, love and hate about the Ninja. I'll probably post my impressions in the next few days while they are fresh. I've now had the bike for less than 2 weeks but I've now ridden it in about every road condition I'll likely be riding it in.

It will be curious to see your impressions when you have more time on it. Definitely nice to have all to torque the 600's don't have even if it isn't any faster than one in peak acceleration.
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I just bought one too, back in August. Japanese army knife , ain't it ?
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