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New N1k owner

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Hello Rider Friends:

I want to introduce myself and learn mods, upgrades, do's/dont's for my new 2013 N1k ABS. Have owned SV650, SV1000, FZ1 and Bandit GSX1250 over the years so I like to tinker, modify and love all things bike related.

Have a Holeshot 4-1 exhaust on the way and will update with my opinion and hopefully an install slideshow. Dale has been very good to me over the years so I am a bit biased.

Thanks for having me and I hope to learn how to make my new baby go and show!

Thanks :)
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Welcome Tarheel

What's the pros/cons of 4 into 1 exhausts for our bike. I know it would save on slip-on cost
My opinion is that I get rid of a lot of weight and the unique looking factory silencers. I lose a lot of weight for same price as some slip-ons. Another thing is I hope it eliminates some heat from that rectangular underbody chamber that is cooking my feet. I am sure Dale has the flow worked out. Will let you know what I think of it once I get it installed.
Welcome !
Welcome PorkchopjI

A slideshow of your installation would be cool. :)
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