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English guy coming over to do some biking in the North West later this year and looking to buy a Ninja 1000. Ticks all the boxes. Have Triumph Sprint 1050 back home but fancy a change. Anybody fitted end cans ? Is it worth the effort and cost in terms of performance?
Look forward to seeing your good biking roads. Cheers Adrian
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I think you are asking about Slip On mufflers ? I think the most optimistic versions are worth around 3HP (2 Brothers) and weight reduction. I think it is more about aesthetics than performance. If you sound fast... you must be faster :)

I'm sure you'll enjoy our side of the pond.
Depending on the price of slip-ons, I think it's worth it. Unfortunately we have to buy 2.

Thanks for your comments guys, Can't beat that aftermarket sound. Best I buy the bike first and have a hunt around ☺
You may also want to look at delkevic.

Personally I like Akrapovic from front to back (I just dont have it yet LOL)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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