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Bought a 2014 1000 ABS w/hard bags, heated grips, installed Ram mounts for GPS and Escort Radar and an accessory plug for phone or Apple Shuffle music recharge and a Zero Windscreen, not to happy with the Zero, very little difference between that and the stock windscreen, bought an MRA clip on wind deflector to add to the top of the Zero windscreen, to try and get the air up to at least my forehead but still only hits eye level. I ride in colder weather but have some concerns about cold hitting hands and forearms.
So far the bike is great.
Older rider, sport touring is my passion. I ride about 10K a year.
The 1000 replaces my Yamaha FJR 1300.

Getting ready for my first week long ride on my new bike in mid June. Ride from So Cal to northern Ca then into Oregon. Have acquired a liking for NF (National Forest) roads, less traveled , scenic, good roads, with twisties.
Rode to Alaska in 20008 on my 2007 KLR, 13 K miles in 33 days. Bike was great.
Had a 1986 Concurs until 4 yrs ago, great times but a little tooo top heavy.
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Glad you are continuing your passion for sport riding. Which color did you end up with?
If you want more wind protection for your arms and upper torso, I've got a 2006 FJR1300 for sale .... :p That is an awesome bike for cooler weather riding.

As for Oregon forest roads, check out NF-48 from Happy Camp, CA to O'Brien, OR:


If you're going further north, there's Der Aufderheide (NF-19) (beware of blind corners) from Blue RIver to Oak Ridge:


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