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Hey all!

Just wanted to introduce myself. I've been riding motorcycles for about 4 years now on a Yamaha FZ6. Late last year I got the itch to get something new, something a little bigger and more powerful. I did a bunch of searches before deciding that I thought the N1K was the bike for me. The only thing left was to sit on it at a dealership and see how it felt. I've been browsing these boards for awhile and reading everything I could about the N1K. I was struggling with the choice between a 2013 and 2014 (love the white 2013) due to the rather substantial price differences, but went to a dealership yesterday and they had a pretty good deal on a lime green 2014. The 2014 also had a number of upgrades that appealed to me, so I was leaning towards that one anyways. Being the impulsive person I am, I pulled the trigger. Out of all of the Ninja colors in the last 3 years, the Candy Lime Green is my second to least favorite, but I have a feeling riding the bike will more than make up for my indifference to its color. Hopefully I grow to love it though.

I'm going to pick the bike up tomorrow and then spend the afternoon getting to know her. I can't wait, I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve!

Looking forward to getting to know everyone and learning more about the bike that I have no doubt I'm going to love.
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Welcome Steel City Warrior. Sweet dreams tonight.

I resided in pgh for a while and loved the city. Best kept secret. I lived in Carnegie and Brighton heights.

What made you choose N1K over FZ1? Which dealer?

Yinz guys are jaggoffs.
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Haha, thanks for the welcome Tony!

Born and raised in Pgh, though I don't talk like a yinzer. I do love visiting other cities and running into someone with a distinctly pgh accent though! I live in Southside, so not all that far from where you were.

I bought it from Bob Tracey's World of Cycles...and at this point, I'm just hoping I'm able to fall asleep tonight!

I chose the N1K over the FZ1 largely because of the reviews and videos I'd watched online comparing the 2. One of the ones that really influenced my decision was a youtube video comparing the FZ1, N1K, and GSX1250FA. Across nearly all comparisons/reviews I'd read, the N1K was the winner. And I wanted to try something new, something significantly different (within reason) than my FZ6 (not that there's anything wrong with that, I really liked that bike, it was a great value!). And the last thing were all the changes made to the 2014 model (KTRC & standard ABS among others).

Most of the reviews talked about the torque and usable mid-range power of the N1K, whereas the FZ1 has to get really high in the rev range before you get to its sweet spot. And the FZ1, if I'm remembering a comment I saw on a forum correctly, has a 1st gear that can reach nearly 90mph, which makes getting and staying in the high RPM's quite the challenge (legally).
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I went to a Yamaha demo event and rode the fz1. I was cruising the highway in 2nd gear.
I own both an FZ1 & N1K & like them for different reasons. I've extensively modded the FZ1 but will not go as far with the N1K. Ivan has done his magic to both bikes & I'll be getting the ECU re-flashed when he sorts out the '14 Ninja.
Mancolt welcome
I was born in Pittsburgh and i had an FZ6 and now a 2014 N1K. How is that for I don't no what. The FZ6 was a great M/C. I rode mine out to Utah and put 35000mi on it. You will like N1K better. Good luck and be safe with your new ride.
Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. I was fortunate that my first street bike had a great forum (now 600riders.com) to go along with it, which was immensely helpful for everything you could ever want related to the FZ6. Hoping to see this forum take off like that one did.

I picked up my 2014 Green N1K on Friday. Was only able to put about 200 miles on it this weekend due to some Easter family obligations, but I loved every minute of those 200mi. This bike is absolutely amazing, and I have zero regrets about my purchase. I love that it's a little bit sportier of a seating position than my FZ6, but still not supersport uncomfortable. And the power is amazing, and the fact that it's almost all in such a usable portion of the rev range makes it even better.

I changed the oil after about 60mi on Friday. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to change the oil filter, so I figured replacing the oil was better than nothing. I was at a friends house and tried everything I could think of short of jamming a screwdriver through the filter. Didn't want to end up having to leave the bike there if I still couldn't get it off even after the screwdriver, so I didn't go that route. That thing didn't want to budge, and I consider myself a big strong guy.

I'm going to pick up some more oil and hopefully change the filter and oil this weekend. The 600riders.com forum actually had a topic on this very subject that I saw last night, and I picked up a few good tricks:

1) paraphrasing the original writer: "use a filter wrench and "shim" it with torn up business cards to make it so tight a fit that you have to tap it on with a hammer and then use a long socket wrench to remove it. The shims prevent it from slipping so easily."

2) "a strap wrench, and if it's too large, wrap a towel around the filter"

3) screwdriver or channel lock pliers

I haven't read the rules regarding posting links to other forums, so I'm avoiding that for now. If that's okay though, I'll post the link in case anyone else has a similar issue, and so the original writers get the credit they deserve for the helpful tips. I know 2 of my friends that have Ninja 300's said they weren't able to get the filter off on the first oil change, they had to take it to a shop where they drove a screwdriver through each of them.
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