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New Member looking for a Distance Machine

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Hello everyone,

I'm considering the Z1K as my next bike to fulfill my long distance dreams. My work schedule gives me plenty of time to do multiple day rides and I've also had a cross Canada tour as well as several long rides into the US planned for a number of years. Life has kept getting in the way of making those come to fruition, but now it's time for me to start making things happen before I can't. I'm not a spring chicken by a long shot but still have a whole bunch of living and riding to do.
One of my concerns is if the Ninja's riding position is too aggressive for me. That's the reason why I'm here, to look at sport touring mods - risers, windshields, seats, luggage, trailer(?) etc.
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Welcome knowledge seeker
Doing your homework is always a good thing
Hopefully you can glean some insight from these threads

It's better to be a Has Been than a Never Was
Lots of very seasoned riders here with the Ninja 1000 set up for touring. Peruse the various sections of the forum for opinions on answers to your concerns. I've a '14 with factory hard bags & tank bag & believe I've got enough capacity for sport touring.
I have a '14.
Murphs risers.
Laam seat.
Factory bags.
I'm good for 400 mile days. Get a little butt burn at the 300-350 mile mark but I'm a lovably large guy with no butt.
It IS certainly more sport that touring. If you want the other way around I would look at a Conours 14.
I've found the stock handlebars to be postitioned well for me, I'm 6' 1" 200 lbs.
The seat sucks, angled to far forward, causing me to constantly slide into the tank.
I've modified the front and raised it 1" and it is much better.
I've also lowered the riders pegs 1 1/4" by bolting on a set of Buell lightning pegs, they work great and require just a little filing to fit.
It's certainly no Ninja 10R with it's weak suspension, but it IS a decent touring bike, that is lighter and easier to handle than the Concourse 14...
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