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New Member from NW Montana

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Hey, All. I'm Kenny from Kalispell, MT. I am in the market for a N1K and thank all of you for the great info I've already found on this forum.

My first bike was a 2000 GSF1200 Bandit. I bought it about 7 years ago and I'm ready for something new. The Ninja was immediately my first choice.

I've found a few that I'm interested in. Most are '11 or '12 models. Here are a few:

2012 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 Abs 1000 Abs, Rexburg ID - 112459708 - Cycletrader.com

Kawasaki 2011 Ninja® 1000

2012 Kawasaki Ninja HUNTSVILLE ALABAMA Motorcycles Vehicles For Sale Classified Ads - FreeClassifieds.com 4700?!

2011 Ninja 1000

The last one....well, from what I have researched, I found that it should make quite a bit more power than stock. Gobs more. I'm not so sure I'm looking for a red Ninja, but ****. That would be a nice purchase.

What do you think?
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Welcome Big Sky

Only the gifted and talented are allowed to ride the red/black Ninja.
I like the Green... The one in ID with ABS would be my choice...
Thanks for the replies. Tony, I think the red is growing on me!

2812 miles...$6800.

I called and talked with the guy who has the other red Ninja. He said the mods added about 30hp, which would be cool with me, however, the bike now gets 25mpg. Not so cool.
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The link to the add for $4700 is a scam. The reason I know this is because that is the bike I sold on Craigslist in Feb of this year. The text and pictures are lifted right from my craigslist ad.

I spoke to the seller on the phone and he said he bought the bike from an individual, yet I sold the bike to a dealer. He repeatedly asked me for my full name, address, and phone number. He claims the bike is in Italy and sent me the following email:

"I attached you some pics with the bike. I can ship the bike to you and you will pay C.O.D (CASH ON DELIVERY), the reason why I'm selling the bike at this price is because I bought the bike from USA and I moved to Italy. I have the bike documents but the bike has US documents and I can't register the bike in Italy because the law doesn't let me. I can't come to USA to sell the bike because I'll spend much money, my only chance to sell this bike is to find a buyer in the US or in another country. I can send the bike to your home address, (I WILL PAY FOR THE SHIPPING TAXES TO YOUR LOCATION), shipping will take approximately 10 days(Air Cargo), after you receive the bike you have another 2 days to inspect it. When the inspection period ends, the shipping company will contact you and if there are any issues with the bike, you can refuse it. If all is good, they will help you with the transfer of ownership. If you are interested to buy the bike please e-mail me back with: Full name, address, city, state/zip code, cell number.
After I receive your information I will call you and we'll talk more about the bike and about shipping."

Please don't deal with this scammer!!!!!

Even if he was for real, he stole my text and pictures and had yet to provide me with any pictures of the bike he took himself. All are pictures I took. He even sent me a pick of took of the bike at Deal's Gap with my helmet hanging on the bar. Sheesh!
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Thanks for the comment. Yeah, I did a google image search for the pics in the ad I posted and was able to email the original owner, who confirmed our suspicions as well. Chad was his name (you're not Chad, are you?)

I've been using an untraceable email and messing with the dude for the past couple days. I talked with him through Skype and he said exactly the same thing. I told him I wanted to eat his children and he didn't seem to catch on that I was aware. It's fun. I did report the ad and also reported him to the cybercrime .gov site, not that they'll do anything.
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