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New member from Nor Nevada

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Hello Ninja owners, good to see so many Ninja 1000's! I never see them out on the road. I have traveled from the Carson Valley to as far south as Palm Springs and San Diego to as far north as Fortuna and Eureka, and all twisies in between. In all my travels, I have seen only one Ninja 1000 and it was actually at the Rock Store at the base of the Snake, (Molholland Drive) Its great to be here!
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Welcome Silver State
You're right about not seeing other N1Ks.
I LOVE having an unusual bike. I have 2 of them in fact! LOL
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I've only seen one other and that was the other side of a small strip-mall car park at my local Sprouts, although I didn't get to meet the other owner! But rare or not (the guys in the dealership said they were selling them as quickly as they came in when I bought it at the start of last year) I love the thing - I refer to mine as The Beast!
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