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I am 39 soon to be 40 years old. I have been riding for 29 years started out on dirt bikes to sport bikes. Most recently I went off course a little and tried out a Harley and it just was not for me.

So being a little older but wanting the feel of a sport bike with the ability to do some touring I found the N1k. I picked up a 2011 with 3700 miles on it about 3 weeks ago and I must say this is one of my favorite bikes I have owned.

I do have a question that I am having a tough time finding an answer to which has brought me to the forums. The bike I bought has some road rash on the fairings and I am looking for the best place to get some replacements. I am having a tough time finding someone that carries them any suggestions?

Thanks and look forward to chatting with you everyone!
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Welcome to the forum and 'congrats' on the N1K purchase.

Don't really have any concrete answers for you other than the usual Google and eBay avenues.

Maybe somebody yet will chime in.

Happy ridin' !
Thanks Coach I appreciate it! It seems that 2012+ are easy to find not finding much on the 2011. Does anyone know if the 2012's will fit?
I'm a new member from NC also... I had a 2012 in the Black/Silver, but after a lowside, it now has 2013 fairings to make it all Metallic Spark Black... I bought mine from Kawasaki OEM Parts, Babbitts Kawasaki Parts House.

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Thanks Tony97 and Blacksheep I love the look of yours!
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