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New member from Maryland

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I will be picking up my new Ninja 1000 this Saturday. I was not really looking for a new bike but at 7998 for a left over 2013 I couldn't say no.
Cant wait to start putting some miles on it.
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It's amazing the leftovers dealers keep for so long. I thought I saw a 2011 black/red one at a dealer in FL.

What was the previous bike?
Thanks for the welcome

Previous bike was 2003 zrx1200
Ride it like you stole it 'cause at that price you almost did!!!! Welcome.
Crazy price! Great job... welcome to the forum and you're gonna love the bike!
Well after an 800 mile round trip to rockingham nc I have my new 2013 N1K.
So far I have put 130 miles on it and love it. Not sure how anyone follows the recomended break in procedures. I am being very easy on it but definitely not staying under 4000 rpm's maybe under 6000. Hoping to have 300 miles on it by the weekend so I can change the oil and filter .


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Welcome and congrats! I bought my new/leftover '13 abs yesterday for $7999!!
Congrats dude, I almost bought that one but got a 2014 instead.
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