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New member from CT

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Saw a good deal on craig's list last week for a 14 blue one so Sat.(6-13) I checked it out and bought it.I've been looking at these for a while.I have 2 2003 FZ1's, 1 has 81k and the other has 49k,very good bikes,but time for something new.the Ninja isn't registered yet so I don't know much about how it feels.
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You would seem to be a FZ1 expert. I enjoyed the long gears when I demo rode one.
Welcome from central Canada. You'll enjoy it I'm sure !
Thanks Tony, Yes I'm very familiar with the gen1 Fz1.I bought one new and it's never been back to the dealer in over 80,000 miles.I do all the maintenance including valve checks myself with some help from a great forum.
Thanks everyone I feel very welcome.
Welcome aboard... if you love the FZ1 I think you'll love the Ninja 1000.
Congrats hopefully the ninja will supply as much fun as the FZ
Welcome, I also came from a few FZ1's to the Ninja 1000. I had a 2004 and a 2008 and loved them but immediately fell in love with the Ninja's motor the first time I test rode one back in 2011.
I will get it registered tomorrow and take it for a ride in the afternoon and hope to feel the additional low end power that I read about.The FZ1s are good but this should be better.I still have my Fizzers but the blue on is for sale and I'm keeping the bumble bee.
First & foremost, welcome. I too am an avid FZ1 guy. Presently a highly modded'10 but did have an '01 & an '06. Now ride a '14 N1K as my winter ride in Florida.
Yes, Mikey the Fz1 is a great bike but I didn't like some things about the gen2 so I got the 14 N1K.I rode it ,for the first time, yesterday and found that I really like it.I also rode it today into Dutchess County NY and got caught in the rain.Nice to know I had all those electronic nannies,but I didn't have to use them.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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