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Some of you might know me from the riderforums or z1000sx.co.uk, some not ... so I'll properly introduce myself.

I'm a 33 years old Belgian.
Moved to our twisties area for the bike, and live now in the middle of a huge playground (Luxembourg, German Eifel).

Bought the SX as my first bike, October 2011, and learned to ride ... and properly ride with it.

I've done a "few" :cool: mods to it.

Bitubo Suspension front & rear, upgraded brakes, Ivans ECU, Lightech rearsets, Sargent seat, luggage etc ...
I fear the lists contains too many items ... so I won't repeat them, the last update is in this post : All sorts of piffle and definitive SX list

Doing my winter project now, finally the full Exhaust, airbox mod, and some other tweaks.

For the rest, moderator of Belgians biggest motorcycle forum, 2fast4u.
And a perfectionist when it comes to route making.

Did a 7000km twisties only Europe trip 2 years ago, and organize two 4-5 day biking holidays a year. Mostly playing in the neighborhood, from 200km short blasts to 1000km twisties trips in Germany.
Prefer the more tight technical roads, and we've got lots of them.

local playground :

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You remind me of the Guy on the Ninja 100 forum who posts amazing pics. Its always a Ninja 100 flying through a town full of Gingerbread houses.

Nice to have you here too, EXP. It snot as busy here, but the people are awesome. Also, if we have mods, I dont see them interfering. Its much more civil here, and I like that.

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Welcome ! Nice pix you've shown. I'm Germany, as you said, have some great roads to take your bike on. Very neat.
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