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Hey guys, new member here. I have been without a bike since last August when I took a position at work that required a lot of traveling. I only get home 1 or if I’m lucky 2 weekends a month so the last thing I have time for is riding. The project I am working on is coming to an end a little early so I will be back home soon and I am ready for a new bike.

I will be picking up a Ninja 1000 soon so I have been boning up here on the ins and outs of this great machine. Cheers.
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Hey, welcome! Feel free to ask questions. Many here have years of experience. Multiple with mechanical knowledge and common sense.
Welcome! a lot of us are already hibernating for winter... assuming you are someplace that doesn't get the cold **** ?
Welcome to this little corner of the internet. A lot of information here about the N1K. Are you looking at new or used? In 2014 there were some significant changes that might impact your decision to buy before or starting with that year.

For example the traction control and reduced output modes give you some rider aids to help with less than ideal traction condition. The exhaust no longer is servo controlled from what I can see. A new design to integrate the Kawasaki hard luggage. it makes for a much cleaner look on the bike when there is no luggage on and it is very quick to remove and you use your factory key.
Thanks for the welcome. I am in the SE PA area and the winter never bothered me as long as there is no snow or ice on the ground. I still have all my heated gear.

I am looking to buy new and I have seen some good deals at a few local dealers.
I've only been able to look on line but I hope to go and kick some tires right after the holidays.
Welcome aboard! You'll love the bike!
Welcome, really like your screen name. :D
Stolen from the Royal Navy.
I hope your bike lives up to your name as well.

Well it took me longer to get here than I originally thought but here I am. Picked it up this past Friday.
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