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New from the Northwest

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New to this forum from Seattle, my current ride is a FZ6R but looking to trade for a new Ninja 1000 soon.
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Welcome to the newest and best N1K forum this side of the yellow brick road.
In honor of the Emerald City.

I was there to watch and enjoy the Seahawks win.
Welcome, the N1000 will be a nice upgrade from your FZ6R which isn't a bad bike in itself. Make sure to post pictures. I like pictures.
The Seattle Motorcycle show is this weekend so I will take a look at what I can get my hands on and when but everything I have been looking at for what I want to do with a bike leads my to the 14 Ninja 1000 but I really like the look of a the black ones.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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