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New from Arkansas

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Just picked up a left over 2014 Candy Cascade Blue two weeks ago. I've put about 750 miles on it so far. The side cases arrived Thursday and I'm ready for travel. It's nice to have my 636 for track and 1000 for comfort. 馃槉


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Welcome. Glad you're happy with your new rides. Side cases are great aren't they?
Actually, he is at least the second.

I live in Fayetteville Arkansas.
Checking in from north central Arkansas. Got a green and black 2014.
I've seen a couple 1000s around. Just a week or two ago, I saw a green and black one at the Ozark General Store gas station in Conway. Was that you @upsmike?

It's pretty awesome to not need a backpack.
Welcome Geeker and other AR peeps... looking forward to a report on your first group ride!
Wasn't me in Conway. We mainly ride in the Jasper, Mtn. View, and Missouri area.
awesome bike!!!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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