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New at this

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Hi everyone
My name is Wayne and i ride a Ninja 1000 and it is totally awesome.
My wife also rides a Ninja as well.
We have both come from riding super sport bike and we find the Ninjas so much more fun.
I we post up some of our rides we do here in Australia so wish me luck.
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Welcome! Glad ya'll love them! Love to see more pictures of down under. :)
Welcome! If you ever get on this side of the world, look some of us up. I have friends that come every year from Brisbane to do some riding. I am always glad to host them. Still haven't had a chance to go there and ride but maybe next year it will work out.

Last year they came here, bought a few Harleys and started riding across the US from Florida to California. The last few days they had a great time riding through the mountains and following Route 66. So come over and have a great riding vacation.
Welcome to the forum... looking forward to your posts!
Welcome Warmbourbon from Vic,from a Croweater>Hope you enjoy your bikes.They are awesome.:D:D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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