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New 2015 STL

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Picking up a 2015 N1K and live around the STL area, giving up my RC51 for it. What slip-on exhaust and fender eliminator kits are compatible with the Quick Release Hard Cases?
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if its the same as the 14...the yoshi fender elim is but its a tougher install.. I can't remember the name of the other I think its like the evo or something like that... its is substantially less money and is easier to install.

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I've mounted the Evo Tech tail tidy & am more than happy with it. Biggest plus was no wiring issues or need to splice any connectors. Congrats on your new ride also.
Thanks fellas! Good info on this forum, I have the Evotech on order as well as the M4 GP slip on.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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