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New 2013 Owner

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I love her so much, and very happy with the color. The first thing on my to-do list with her is a new seat. I'm a skinny guy without much cushion on my rear end, and after an hour ride last weekend, I was getting some real sore spots. Oh and I need a passenger seat, only came with the cowl. I'm willing to spend the money on a real comfortable passenger seat, because I know that will keep the lady friends comfortable and willing to go for another ride. Through my searches on here, Sargent seems popular, and Corbin is higher priced. What have you guys' passengers said about their seat? Would Corbin be worth it?

Thanks in advance for any tips! Here's some more poser shots :)

she looks good from behind

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Congrats. I am in the market right now for an N1K. I was looking at the 2013 because of the decent price they are going for from a particular dealer around here. I am not a fan of the white/black color scheme, but I may just have to get over that.

It's also hard to find many photos or videos of folks riding the 2013. Not sure why that is.

Congrats again, and I hope to become a member of the N1K Riders Club soon.
since the 2011-2013 are all the same, there's a few videos of first rides in 2011 when it came out


Love the black and white color scheme myself, wish they had it for 2014-15, though I'm sure if I buy a 2014-15 they'll come out with a 2016 black and white ;)
Congrats! You picked an awesome machine...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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