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new 100 owner

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so, my riding consisted in the past of riding friends bikes and bikes in my youth i should've never been on. never had a riding course, yeah, great idea huh. had a few wrecks when i was 18 and stupid and so i hadn't ridden in a long time. got back into dirtbiking with a kawasaki kdx 200 about 8 years ago. kept it and started dual sporting on a honda xrl 650. back to the street bikes a couple years ago and got a versys 650 and took a msf rider course and loved it. i just had to jump on a ninja 1000sx a few months ago and love the bike. just perfect for me. i'm a bigger guy and this thing has power to burn, great comfort and i love the bags. love the blue color as well! great bike.
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Got 3 brothers in Texas...going to tour with one in a year or so,,he's got a new extra large BMW..HE could have bought almost 3 NIJ'S..WELL HAVE FUN ANYWAY
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