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near future buyer...

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hey guys....got the jones for a red ninja 1000 used...probably get an '11..?... selling my VFR 800 now to get one...
How many pounds lighter are the black racing 2 brother carbon cans than stock mufflers?... ? I am guessing 15 pounds total?? the lighter the better for me... I'm in Tampa Fl... Hi..
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If you want red you have no other choice than 2011. It is the intelligent choice.

Welcome sunshine
2 boulders are lighter than stock. If weight is the issue, what's lighter than urban brawlers?
one '11 FS here has the 2brothers mounted under tail....not sure I like it????..prefer the brawlers down low...I am just getting serious and started...probably have one around the end of the month...very taken with the mount..its an exceptional design I think...
Plus +1 for the Urban Brawlers light as but sound great also they look neat on the bike.
Got the '11 pic'd in my avatar!!!...very satisfied...2500 miles on the Od'r.. day I got...put urban brawlers on with db reducers...and...custom baffle screens create perfect exhaust note for me....16 T sprocket going on this week...came with Baldwin seats...installed.. Cal Sci Touring screen!!!!..
Congrats on your new ride. Sounds like you've got mod fever like most of us.
If you leave the stock headers, the Brawlers work well. I believe they get super loud with a replacement header, but coming off the stock box..why not? Theres nothing lighter than nothing, and these are close to that.

That big box is a resonator, not the cat itself. Its where the noise gets absorbed. The brawlers just give a finished look to that.
thanks guys...did 150 miles today in the north country...the 16 tooth front sprocket I put on yesterday is great, as everyone has said...
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