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National Cycle VStream Windsheild

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What did you not like about this screen? (after 600 miles)
I have one and the part I do not like is the noise.

Still, his opening is fair and its a good shield when it cold. It does offer good protection as compared to the rest.
I have one. Actually, I have two -- the Touring model for warm weather and the Tall Touring for winter. I like them both a lot. Good protection and low turbulence. Noise isn't an issue to me. I wear earplugs and my Shoei Neotech is the quietest helmet I've ever had.
I just installed the tall touring model. In the middle setting the wind stays off the torso well but as cannon pointed out a lot of noise due to more wind hitting helmet. I figured it's just basic physics...the wind has to go somewhere.
Putting it in the high setting results in the buffeting sound. It annoys me, the middle setting doesn't. I haven't tried the low setting yet.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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