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N1K performance vs super sport bikes

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I have a rather dumb question here. Well, dumb for most of you, really don't know for me. How close in performance and feel is our n1k's compared to a 600RR or even a true liter bike like a GSXR1000? I came from a M109 and this bike feels faster. But what if I rode a GSXR1000 or a CBR600RR. What would the differences feel like. Never rode a super sport bike....
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The feeling is different. When you compare with a 600RR for example, you will feel much more torque in the low - medium end in the Ninja. The 600 has the performance in high's RPM. I like more the power obviously in my Ninja 1000. Now if you compare with a GSX-R 1000 is another story. The GSX is more powerful bike overall. But is not a touring or commute bike. You will be tired from the driving position. I like the performance but i am realistic. We don’t want that for every day driving or commute. May be for a day on the track or a short trip will be fun or for show off. I am very happy with the performance in my ninja 1000 and very happy with how comfortable is.
We are pretty close to super cbr600rr or gsxr600. In roll on exercises you will hijack them with your torque and gearing. However they will destroy us in curves and give you everything you can handle (and maybe cant) from a dig. Most late model 600's will run mid to high 10's the n1k runs mid 10's to low 11's depending on rag.

In a bit of speed contest with my buddy with a very well built and ridden cbr600 we were evenly matched. He had some issues with wheeling but he never let out and I really couldnt make gains on him.. actually may have slipped back a bit as I hit the rev limiter in first and second.

In feel.. if it is racing.. we are still going to be second to both super sports and superbikes. Of course an hour later we will still be riding and those guys will be doing stretching exercises at stop lights :)
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I guess what I'm reading is very true. Every other bike and type does one thing well. Ninja 1NK doesn't do one thing better than any other bike. But it does all things better than any other if that makes sense. I love the power. Just wondering how it would be to sit on a super sport bike and ride. I love putting miles on and I love to hit the curves. I love overnight riding. Sounds like I got the right machine.
I personally was considerating buy a Hayabusa because i love power but also sit position is important. The hayabusa is not bad but once i tried the Ninja 1000 i love it rigth away. Yes wont has the power like the busa but is not bad. Also is ligther than the busa and most important, the insurance is way cheaper. I like the idea of Traction control that the busa lacks. The kawasaki ABS is way superior than the Suzuki that the busa has. I even wont consider a 600 or 1000 GSX because the sitting position.
I was looking at a busa and GSXR1000 a year ago. Chickened out and went M109r. Boring and uncomfortable. Sold it and bought the Ninja. Love it. Absolutely love it. I think I made the right move even though I lost some money the hard way. I love this new bike. Has it all in abundance. Speed, handling, braking, comfort. Just always wanted to see what a liter super sport feels like.
I was really considering a Tuono as it has similar ergos. It truly is a super sport with relaxed ergos as the heart of the bike is the RSV. But the lack of wind protection and double the cost was hard to swallow. Aprilia just released the new Tuono 1100 factory R and it looks and sounds totally out of this world. Need to hit the lottery though.

2008 ZX6R

2014 N1K 1000

Id like to just say as far as the differences go, I liked my 600. It had High RPM's and felt like a Bullet. My N1K feels the same, but hits the rev limiter a bit sooner... but the torque gets it to,on average, about the same as W.O.T on the 600. The Slow speed torque vs the Quick acceleration to me, is not a factor. Riding comfort trumps all with the N1K. To ride in a more natural way is awesome. My personal choice is in stone. The N1K Takes the cake.

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You guys are having to much fun..I hav'nt brought the bike up over 6 inches yet
I have a modified ZX14, full exhaust, filter, ECU flash and risers and a 2014 Ninja 1000. Power wise the 1000 feels like a moped compared to the ZX14 to me. Don't get me wrong, the 1000 will get up and go but I have to really give it the throttle and rpm to get it going compared to the ZX14. I can just bump the throttle in the ZX in 1st, second to only 6-7k and hit tripple digits before you realize you are going that fast. On the highway the ZX feels better, more stable and less wind on you. The seat also feels a lot more comfortable on the ZX. As for the 1000, I would say it is a little more nimble in the corners and has a more comfortable handle bar height. I can do 250 mile mountain rides on either bike with the limiting factor on the 1000 being the factory seat and riding position the limiting factor on the ZX. I think with a Sargent seat the 1000 could be an all day any mileage riding bike. To sum it up, the Ninja 1000 has smooth predictable power through out the rpm range and the ZX14 has a violent power delivery after the secondary throttle plates open fully with more power than I care to try. I could not imagine full throttle 11k rpm on that bike. It is more fun to drive though unless you are in really really tight curves like on the Tail of the Dragon then it becomes work. I plan on taking the Ninja 1000 there this year.
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