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Hey guys

I have a bunch of N1K bits for sale, and I know I should post in the for sale section, but for ease of sale/shipping/exchange rate etc., I really would prefer to sell them/ship them within Canada.

I thought I would post in here and see if there was any interest before going to the larger group.

I'll list the parts here and if you are interested I will send you pictures.
All prices are in CAD funds and does not include shipping.
Other than the sub-frame, I believe that anything listed below can be used with any year of N1K (bags will work with 2014 and up model).

-Kawasaki Quick Release (KQR) bags - Lids and accent are currently in Kawi lime green - but can easily be swapped out (includes grab rails for the 2014-2016 models) - $700

-Kawi bag liners for the KQR bags - $80

-Kawi tail bag (fits nicely over passenger seat) - $60

-OEM Kawasaki "sport touring" cover (fits the Ninja perfectly - even with bags on! In mint shape)) - $150

-Sargent seat (rider only) - $175

-Kawi gel seats (rider and passenger) - I never used them - $250

-RG radiator cover - $40

-rear sub-frame for 2014-2016 (bought it when I had a 2013 and was going to do the mod to allow me to use the KQR bags) - $100

-exhaust (right hand) side cover (brand new in packaging) - $75

Thanks in advance for any interest.

Site admins, I hope it was ok to post in this section!


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Hey Rob, I'm coming a little late to the party. Just joined the forum, and spotted this post. I don't know what, if anything, you have left of the items mentioned above.
Let me know.
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