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N1k 2014 rear suspension options....need more capacity for my fat butt.

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Posted this on another forum in case someone here is not on the other and can help...

I have a question that I have not seen much on here. I have a 2014 N1K. I have about 2400 miles on it and am ready to start looking at the fine tuning to make it handle better. I left all the suspension settings stock from the factory/dealership.

Some background, I am at 235lbs and 6'2". The bike has always felt a little soft to me. Especially if I have the bags on the back with my daughter who is around 80 lbs. This afternoon I tightened the tension on the rear shock quite a bit. Tightened it all the way and backed off about 4 clicks or two full turns. It was almost maxed out but not quite. I really thought the rear felt much better like this. Seemed to handle a bit better and the cornering felt more true. One of the things that really attracted me to this bike was the rear adjustment ease with the dial and doing it without a special tool.

Now to my question. It feels like I need more tension on the spring or a stiffer spring all together. What are my options? Is there an aftermarket spring that can be installed to stiffen it up a bit? Do I need to do the entire assembly with shock and spring? Are there aftermarket options that let me adjust using the dial that is stock? Or is my best option to drop some lbs. and get to my target weight of 205lbs? (Not sure if this will even help if I am this far off with only 30 lbs difference, especially if I ride two up with my daughter)

There is not a lot of chatter or talk from folks on here or anywhere else that have this bike and have done suspension work/upgrades. Similarly, I think I might want to upgrade the front too as I am sure fixing the rear will just show that I am too heavy for the front too.

Any help would be appreciated....
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pretty sure you need stiffer springs front and rear. I'm 165 and susp doesnt seem too stiff for me.
rcannon409 has a post on rear shock under mods/suspension.
Suggest you try a suspension specialist for options. I've had great success with Traxxion Dynamics & intend to use them again for my N1K.
Found this place near me. Looks like they work with different suspensions. Will try them out.
UNLIMITED HOUSTON, TX (281) 444-0545
Talked to Patrick @ MU in Houston. Super nice folks. We talked about my size, what I carry, and how often I ride two up. His recommendation is a full on rebuild of the rear shock. New, stiffer spring with better valving. Then doing the same to the front. New valving and better springs. The cost is a little more than I anticipated or have to spend right now. But will pull the trigger next month most likely. He said if I like the bike now, the tuned suspension for me will not come close to comparison. So I think I'll do it. Just got to save my pennies.
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You suck for living in a decent town and having this service available LOCALLY!

Have you ever tried to ship a set of forks you care about? Its not fun.

By all means, do it.
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