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My Geico bill went DOWN!!

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I went from a Yamaha FZ6R to the Ninja 1000 and the yearly cost to insure was roughly $100 less ($240/year). I asked the woman on the phone if that was right and she said they get better rates on Kawasaki's for some reason. I will not argue. I basically have liability only coverage.
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That is surprising that it cost less for a bigger engine. I'm always amazed that power or sport cruisers (vrod/vmax) are much less than sport bikes like ours, even though they're just as fast and have larger engines AND we're not young guns either.

I have Geico and full coverage is $1138/year. I drop full coverage for four months during winter.
I'm trying to pick anyone up here so don't go there! I'm just curious if you guys are paying these rates as single folks or married. I just got married after being divorced for a few years and I'm wondering if my rates will go down.
Married with a child and being born during the Johnson (not Andrew) administration didn't help.
Guys, try AMIG insurance.

Geico and Progressive wanted to work me over. I'm 50, one ticket on record, no accidents, and have several kids I've not even met.

I dont work for them, but for me, they were by far and away the cheapest....

Geico quoted me 630. AMIG was half that. I dotn work for them, they were just the best i found. Good AM best rating, too, (A+ superior) so its a real company.

Cheap? Not really. I'm in Utah, so the riding season only lasts 3-4 weeks...feels like it , anyway.

American Modern
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that's not bad. I just switched from Progressive to AAA. Now I pay just a little over $400/yr for a $250 deductible comprehensive and collision. pretty much full coverage. that's w/o combining with auto and home insurance. i was told, if you do that then you can lower it even more....
I have 3 bikes.

2008 Ducati Hypermotard full coverage roughly 280/yr
2014 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 full coverage roughly 260/yr
2007 Kawasaki ZX6r liability/comprehensive only (No collision)(trackbike) 320/yr

Go figure.

Liberty Mutual and I have my house with them too. I'm just south of 50. And my rates dropped when I moved from the burbs of Louisville KY right across the river to Southern Indiana. No, I'm not a Hoosier. I still use my turn signals.
I inquired with amig but the representative couldn't find the ninja 1000 to give me a rate. I told her it's not the zx-10r but it has the same 1043cc engine as the z1000. Some markets call it z1000sx and the submodel is zx1000g. She said I need to give her the vin #. I will continue to engage in the process but it's not instilling confidence.

I got a quote for $704 which is a major reduction but nothing close to yours and those living in the normal/regular part of the country.

AMIG is based in Cincinnati? Have you had to file any claims with them?
I like the price, I just want to be confident that this isn't run out of a basement in the Ukraine.
I wouldn't recommend Geico to my enemy! It's all fun and low rates for years (you pay like clock work) until when you have an incident and get f**ing over of your life. Bad faith lawsuits are a track record for them. I'd take my business anywhere else besides them. How do you think they can come up with 20 stupid lizard commercials a week? Simple!! By denying claims of their insured. Enough said!
AM Best is the go-to rating for insurances companies, and A-superior is the top mark. AMIG has that. They cant be too bad???

Anyway, everyone uses vin numbers. There is conding in that for what they use for pricing. Give them the vin, they shoot back the price, and thats it.

They also have a discount for riding school. I did not get this as they school did nto exsist when I got my license in 1982.
Upon further review they do seem reputable. They offer the riding school discount if it's within 3 years of taking it.

Yes vins are more precise and definitive BUT they shouldn't be necessary just for a quote. I gave them my vin and their price is much less. Might wait for November to drop full coverage and start with amig.
I'm sorry for my awful typing skills. I dont know whats wrong, but I dont see the errors until I go back to the post, days later..sorry...

BUT, AMIG has been cool, to me, and always answers at their customer service.

Progressive was awesome to a friend when his crf 450 fell off the trailer. I wish they were priced even double what amig was.
Too bad amig doesn't handle vehicles. Only collector cars.
I have GEICO - $1,900 for three bikes with high limits, including UM coverage.
I'm single, 53yo.
You've mistaken this for the "Nifty over Fifty" dating forum:D
I posted the original start to this thread and somebody asked me my age and marital status. I think he was comparing rates.
Tony - Where did you buy your N1K?

When I was shopping I called two dealers down in LI because they had rock bottom prices on CycleTrader. One was about $9500 OTD and the other was $9900 OTD. I would pay my sales tax here in CT when I registered it. I ended up buying the bike in New Haven because they came close to those prices and it's always nice to buy the bike where you can get it fixed.
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