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My first Mod...

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I just installed an MD fender eliminator, got to say well made and fits great, kept the stock blinkers cause they are bright and can be seen very well and here in Florida where 80% of drivers can't drive or are texting...
What you guys think.
Ride safe.


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I think it looks really nice. I'd do the same thing if the side cases I have didn't use the stock fender assembly for mounting locations....

BTW... I love that White/Black color combo.
Good look and reasoning. The stock fender is offensive but the turn signals are necessary and safer.
Nice first mod. I agree re Florida drivers, worst I've ever seen. I winter down there & wear hi-viz helmet & jacket to hope raise my chances of being seen.
Thanks, I really like the white and black.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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