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Murphskits risers

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So being short armed, and legged, hey I'm only 5'6", I decided to get the Murphskits risers. I ordered them on Tuesday and got them in the mail Thursday! Stellar so far.

The install was an absolute piece of cake. Anyone could do it.

I got in a good 200 miler today and I have to report..I didn't give them a second thought. Which is to say they are perfect. I have no shoulder issues and my back is just a little tight which is to be expected for the first good ride of the season on a new bike.

It'll take time to see how much "feeling" I have lost in the process but a little is to be expected. There is a numbness about half way leaned over that I'll attribute to the 190/50's. I hear good things about the 55 series. When I burn through these we'll find out.

I would highly recommend these to anyone who is short. It puts more of the T back in sport/touring.
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How much of a rise difference are the Murphs?
Not absolutely huge...mostly because the original height was so close to being spot on....but, for my short arms, it made enough of a difference that I believe I can do all day rides now.
Good to hear it works for you! Ride safe but faaaaaast.
I just ordered a set of these. I'm looking forward to installing them.
Would love to see before and after pictures! Thanks for the input so far.
I'll post pics tomorrow if I think about it. It looks totally factory. My dealer didn't even notice them when he looked at the bike. I had to point them out to him. :lol:
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