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more frequent chain adjusment after installing 16T front sprocket

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I seem to be doing more frequent chain slack adjustments after doing the 16T front sprocket swap, any one else run into this? my bike is used 100% for highway & curvy road work, no wheelie's or that kind of jazz.
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No issues here, and I do all the stuff you mentioned. I have not had to adjust since I changed the sprocket 2200 miles ago. Although maybe you are racking up more miles.. you didn't qualify how often.
It might make sense, and heres why.

A chain and sprockets wear together over the first few miles. Its not unusual to need a chain adjustment very early when you start with all new parts.

These three wear in together and stabilize. Now, we substitute one new part into that system and it will need to wear in. I think you;'ll see this slow down and stop before too long.

The other thing. This bike loves a slightly loose chain , as do all motorcycles. If you continually tighten it to the tightest spec, get ready to keep doing so. It will hurt nothing to keep the chain adjusted to its loosest spec.

We know theres a point where you have to tighten, and I get that, but dont obsess if its 1/4 in too loose.
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