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Mirror Block-offs?

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K’s-STYLE : Mirror Hole Cover [KS035]

Gentlemen, does anyone have a good dial on some simple mirror block offs? Those seem a bit pricey for something to block off the holes.
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I didn't see anyone with pics in the thread. Still looking. Part of why I over-looked them the first time I was looking through that thread.
Just discovered this post from a few months ago. I got to replace the mirrors on my bike very soon. I've added the mirror risers from Ebay. They look great and the quality is exceptional. However, I still cant see well with them so some CRG bar end mirrors with Rhino adapters is my next mod. Just cant seem to find any clean simple looking black off plates. The pieces from Japan posted above look great but they are pricey and after adding shipping from Japan I suspect they'll be more $ than I'm willing to part with?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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