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Madstad Windscreen on '14 N1K

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I winter in Florida & keep my Kawi down here & have been very unimpressed with the stock screen in any position. Luckily for me, Madstad is only about a 1/2 hour of nice back road riding away. I've used their screen systems on other bikes & was very impressed with fit, quality & most importantly, adjustability. Rode over & Mark, Madstad's Prez, fitted my bike with the new system. Initially, went with a 20" screen but after test riding it & a 22', I settled on the 22. Stayed with clear but there are tinted options available. I'm just under 6ft tall & the 22" gives me no buffeting at all. Mounting system keeps the screen steady, at least up to 85 mph. Got 20% off the system for cash which is huge IMO. As you can see from the pics there's also some angle adjustment if you need. Added bonus, keeps the bugs off most of my face shield.


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Looks nice but I'll play devil's advocate a bit. I have their systems on other bikes but most of them don't have the performance envelope of the N1K. By that I mean none of my other bikes are capable of going 150+ mph, nor did I spend a lot of time on then in excess of triple digits as they are ADV bikes and with all that gear on them, they pushed a pretty big hole through the air. So to be honest there was always a little alarm going off in the back of my head to watch it when going at high speeds. There is a huge amount of force on the mounts and the bigger the screen, the great the force.

So please post when you have some time to run it at higher speeds. I'd also caution you that even slight changes in the angle of the screen can have a huge effect on high speed stability. Of course it goes without saying to make sure you have everything tightened down securely. I had a friend on the ride get hit with his MadStad screen in the face when the screen moved up at just as he looked down to see the GPS better.

Just to be clear, I've never had an issue and love their stuff. Every bike is different and there are so many different combinations of windscreens you can use as well as the angle, height, etc. that it can be difficult to get any meaningful info but at least some data points are better than nothing.

At the moment i am pretty happy with my Pope's Hat windscreen from National Cycle but I am always looking for something better. In this case it might be hard to improve upon it but it doesn't hurt to look.
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