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So it's a little late now, since I already lowsided my new bike a few days ago, :)rolleyes:) but I'm definitely in the market for some frame sliders. The cheapest ones I've found that aren't so cheap they scare me are the LSL Crash Pads. From what I understand they're a reasonably well respected company, but they're no-cut sliders which is always a bit worrisome, and they're sort of a cantilever setup, which is even more so. The reason I'm still looking is because they have an additional mounting point behind the main bolt that should in theory prevent that main bolt from acting like a fulcrum in a crash and bending or cracking the frame. My question before I buy is, does that actually work? Does anyone have a set that can speak to their quality or effectiveness, or an engineering degree that can tell me if my guesses are right and if the science is sound?

My other option is the R&G sliders, but they're over $100 more even with the hook up I'd theoretically be getting. Not that that isn't worth it to protect my bike, but obviously if I can save money without buying garbage I'd like to.

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Thanks, looked around a little and while crash data on the LSL's is seemingly nonexistent, they at least have a good enough rep. I think I'll be picking some up soon.
Herr Paratrooper,

Do you mean these?

I don't have them on my N1K, but did have them on my ZX-14.
Build quality was excellent and they looked good too.
However, the way they mounted to the 14 was what caused my bike to be written off. When the bike went down, the mounting arm snapped off where it connected to the engine mount. On the ZX-14 this is part of the bike's frame (likely similar on a lot of bikes) and therefore, being compromised it was written off.
Now, it is important to note that my bike didn't actually low side (which is where you are going to get the most benefit from sliders), but actually slammed down at speed with some force. (I bounced off a cars rear quarter panel after he u-turned in front of me).
I wouldn't expect to many frame sliders to not snap off in those circumstances...but I'm no physicist.

Just my $.02 experience with LSL/Spiegler.

I think if I get sliders on my N1K, I'll go with the R&G...just gotta save my pennies! Ouch they are expensive!



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Installed the LSL's. It wasn't too difficult since all I had to do was remove some of the fairing fastenters so I could just pull out on the fairings to gain some clearance. No actual fairing removal was necessary.
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