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These bikes aren't cruisers... you don't need to have both feet on the ground. The N1K doesn't have enough ground clearance as it is, lowering it will only make it more dangerous in a sharp turn. I'm 5' 8" with a 29" inseam and I can only get my toes down. If you're short, you just need to learn to adapt and not get yourself into situations where you can't reach the ground. I learned my lesson after dropping my first bike twice because I stopped over a dip and couldn't reach the ground before the bike was leaned too far over for me to hold up. That was 9 years ago... I learned to pay attention and identify and avoid trouble spots. Toes down are all you need...
So if the bike was lower are you saying that wouldnt have helped?
What about occasionally when your bike is head in parked against a curb and the front of the bike is down hill. Worse yet your chick is on the back with you.

Not everyone is out tearing up the corners and you need all the travel the bike has in its stock config.
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