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Looking for advice - Power Commander & Autotune

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Looking for some advice regarding the setup of my fuel mapping.

I have tried searching both this site as well as RiderForums, but haven’t had much luck in deciphering the tweaking suggestions made by some of the more experienced folks on here.
So apologies if this is re-hash for some of you.

First some background:
I bought the bike (2013 NIK) last summer with only 1000 miles on it.
The bike came with full Akropovic exhaust, BMC air filter, a PC V, and Auto Tune.
I’m not 100% sure, but it appears (based on the paperwork that came with the bike) that everything was purchased from Ivan. I was told that the local Kawi shop installed everything.
I have no idea what map is loaded, but I do have a copy of it.
Based on the name, it sounds like a custom job.

It now has approx 2000 miles on it.

The bike runs great for the most part.
The challenge I am having is that after the bike gets warm it tends to act a bit flakey.
So for instance, I’m out riding for about 45 minutes or an hour.
I come to a stop sign. As I’m stopped, I blip the throttle…the bike hesitates and sputters and on occasion, it actually has stalled out. Feels like it is bogging a bit.

I have had PC on previous bikes, but have literally just loaded the most appropriate map and never tinkered with it, nor have I ever used an Autotune box.

Anyone have any suggestions where to start or advice on what to try?
I don’t want to start tinkering too much as I have a long ride planned for the end of June and don’t want to be stuck with a worse-performing bike before my trip, but I’m also wary of heading out on a long trip with a non-optimal fuel mapping config. (or at least that's how I would describe it).

Any and all help suggestions are appreciated.


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More than likely, you have one of Ivans custom maps.
It sounds like the previous owner bought the whole package from Ivan, which is a good thing. Ivans kits are great, I can't wait for him to come out with one for the '14 models.
Before I suspected the mapping, or messed with it, I would look at the obvious.
Intake and exhaust gaskets, can and will leak through time, and will effect the fueling.
also, the air filter, is it clean? check it, check the air box. I'm not sure, but I believe there were some block off plates that needed to be installed for that kit. did they fall off, are they loose? I also think there was an exhaust valve that was bypassed or something, this may have come loose, or something.
I understand Ivan is a very down to earth guy. You may try calling him, or emailing him, and explain your problem. He may know exactly what you should look for and point you in the right direction.
Like I said, it sounds like you have the complete kit direct from Ivan
here is a link to the kit:
Ivan's Performance Products

Let us know what he says!

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Call Ivan. He'll spend the time over the phone with you & hopefully correct the issue. I've Ivanized several bikes & his products are first rate with dyno time on performance mods. I too await an ECU reflash for the 14 N1K from him.
Thanks gents.
It turns out that it's not an Autotine unit, but the Ignition Module. Apologies for the misinformation.
I will give Ivan a call and see what he thinks.

It looks like I also have the Air Induction Removal Kit installed.
I also have the FCE that hasn't been installed. Is that something worth doing?


Just to bring this one full circle, I did speak with Ivan who suggested that I adjust the idle screw. It was idling a bit low when fully warm. I nudged it a bit to be closer to 1250-1300 RPM and the stalling issue has gone away. Too simple. Thanks to all for your thoughts/suggestions.


Glad to hear that the issue was easily resolved!
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