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Let's talk LED integrated tail lights.

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I got my bags and I can't run my current setup with the fender elim, turn signals and bags. So I'm really thinking about getting an integrated tail light, vs some little turn signals. I like the factory light on my 14, be nice if they make a mod for it.

I'm considering the Motodynamic and the Custom LED with X-Blaster. I've looked at a few others with not enough info or not my style.

Who's running one and are you satisfied with it? Trying to find some reviews.
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So I'm breaking new ground I guess. I know better than that....
I have the motodynamic integrated tail and fender eliminator kit and couldn't imaging going with a different setup.
I also have the Motodynamic integrated tail light and fender eliminator and love both. Very clean look and functional. I drop my bike off tonight at the dealer b/c my bags are finally in after a month on back order. Cant wait.
I'm installing the bags myself, already keyed them the other day, fairly easy job, but i want my tail light before i tear down to the sub frame. The motodynamic does seem like the obvious choice since i have the fender elim already. The x-blaster one just seems to have some cool tech, was hoping someone had one on here.
Never saw the x-blaster until now, looks okay but like 50$ more than the motodynamic. I will vouch for motodynamic's customer service doing a RMA on a defective tail light. They paid for shipping and everything and got it back to me fast.
I had also seen the Xblaster before i purchased the Motodynamic. Im not to crazy about the look of the lens cover on the Xblaster. Honestly i like the price and looks of motodynamic better. Thats just my opinion. As far as my bags go i would much rather install them myself but dealer included install with purchase of bags and claimed that beings its a Kawasaki accessorie that they have to install it if i want it covered under waranty. All other times i am the only one to tuch my bike unless its waranty related.
I agree, I like the look of the Motodynamic better as well on amazon, and it's $50 cheaper, but I was looking at the Blaster-X only for its tech. Seems very well thought out and they are focused on making it as bright and contrasting as possible. Could be a joke, but their little schpeal sucked me right in.
So maybe the claims are true. I'll pay the premium all day for safety with the idiot's out there. http://youtu.be/zYJkEbUAkBQ

Still like the modern look of the Motodynamic better, but looks don't keep a cager off your 6.
Good video link. I do know whatever you decide will be a much cleaner custom look over stock ! and Brighter !
When I have some extra cash, I am going with the motodynamic. I love the look of it.
In certain conditions, i.e. riding directly into the sun, following behind a rider with an integrated tail light is difficult. Glare off windshields can make it very difficult to see when a rider has indicated a turn. I came waaaay too close to hitting my own son in this situation once as I couldn't see the turn signal flashing. Suggest you check your six whenever making a turn with an integrated rear light. We've all have had or seen so much driver distractions causing close calls.
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The XBlaster certainly looks brighter, but the plastic/casing on it looks much cheaper. :(
I have had both. Blaster on my 2011 Z1k, and MotoD on my new 14' N1k and all i can say is, they are both great choices. The blaster is pricey IMO, and the motoD has all the same features as the blaster.

They both look great, function well, have the flashing brake light feature, and both don't require inline resisters. I will say, that the motoD unit is the better looking one IMO.

With that being said, you can use the stock blinkers with the bags...you just have to get the right tail tidy.



I had the evotech unit myself, but i got rid of it when i switched to the integrated tail. I really didn't like how far it stuck out when the bags were off the bike. So i switched it out with the motoD tail tidy and integrated unit.

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btw, if you would like to purchase my evotech, drop me a PM. Its just sitting around in the garage.

I am installing LED indicator bulbs with smoked lenses and was thinking of switching out the tail light for a smoked motodynamic. I already have an LED indicator relay installed.

Do you think the motodynamic tail light indicators will work if wired (in parallel) into the regular indicators without the resistors (I assume they would not be needed as I have an unrestricted indicator relay) or will they all draw to many amps?. Note I have LED bulbs in the other 4 regular indicators so it may be ok.

So end result would be regular indicators and tail light indicators on at the same time.

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