Hello Team,

Long story short.
At my job, we have classes "How to open own business. Investment and etc.". And I`m trying to find something interesting that I can try and that totally not related to my primary job (Software-engineer). Don't want to spend hours and hours around my computer.
Some time ago I made for myself a leather wallet and now I am pretty happy about it.
So now as exercise, I'm trying to sell a few (really have one ready, and will make more if somebody will be interesting), estimate the market and find out if this all can be profitable, and do some math.
You can check the photos below, it's real leather, hand-stitched.
Also, open to any ideas: thinking about Kawasaki KeyChain or etc.

Brown Hand Rectangle Finger Gadget
Brown Rectangle Wood Material property Tints and shades
Sleeve Rectangle Wallet Electric blue Goggles
Brown Wood Rectangle Hardwood Flooring