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laguna help

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anybody out there have any laguna info you could pass on to east coaster. we are going to laguna for world super bike. never been there. any thoughts on seating and tickets. already have a motel.
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I personally like the turn four bleachers. If you choose this option ask for tickets as close to the Jumbotron as possible. Also, walk up the hill to the corkscrew and spend some time there watching the bikes navigate this one of a kind set of corners.
Sounds like good advice. Thanks
Cannery Row in Monterrey should be a destination for you. Very touristy but fun during bike events. Try to see turns 2 & 2A (Andretti corner) also. I was able to attend a two day track school there last year & thought the Corkscrew would be the most challenging but most every rider there felt Andretti was more difficult to get thru at speed. It's a downhill, decreasing radius 180 degree turn, actually two.
Sorry I missed this. I go to Laguna every year and know the track and Monterey area like the back of my hand. In fact, I just returned from the track this morning. :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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