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KQR saddlebags

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I've been looking at the saddlebags over the last week again, but like people have said they've been out of stock.
Checking Kawasaki website again tonight, the saddlebag kit now had an option for add to cart (instead of wish list only). Also said ships to dealer in 5-7 days. So I ordered out of fear they'd be gone again soon.
I paid the full price, as even all the dealers around me wouldn't budge off MSRP. I'm sure these will be great on the bike, I've been itching to get em since I bought the bike in February.
I also ordered the nylon inner bags. Those said they had limited stock left online.
Just an FYI to anyone been wanting to order these, they appear to be back in stock for now!
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Bought my '15 N1K in late November last year - 13,500-ish miles now. I was able to get the KQR saddlebags sometime in February or March of this year. I have never regretted the purchase, expensive though they may be. I think they make the bike better, both visually and operationally. The warning labels inside limit content weight to 11 lbs (I think), but I routinely carry about 20 lbs on each side without any problems. The bags and the bike can handle the weight. I also exceed the maximum recommended speed when the bags are mounted without any untoward effects.

My only complaint is that they stick out a little farther and require cleaning periodically to rid them of bug impacts even down in the handle cavities.

I also bought the liners. They are well built and fit the somewhat irregular shape, and they help to organize contents, but can be a pain to un-zip when I have to dig deeper for something. Put the least-used items in the inner compartment and it's no big deal.

Is this a great bike, or what?
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I meant to attach a photo of my bike with the saddlebags ...just for reference. But I clicked the submit button too soon. Hate when that happens.


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Omniron, I like your tailbag, what brand and model is it?
Nice looking bike...
It's a SW-MOTECH Slipstream Tail Bag. The design matches the tank bag from the same company. RevZilla carries it.

SW-MOTECH Slipstream Tail Bag - RevZilla
When I purchased my bike at the end of 2014, they gave me a super deal on the bags so I would of been a fool not to take it (950$!)

Having said that, I do think the system is lacking a few things. For one, it completely baffles me that they didn't make a kit that would work in tandem with the rear rack...why go through the hassle of creating your own pannier system if you didn't intend on integrating it with the rear rack? The second thing is that the shape doesn't really make a whole lot of sense to me. They are aesthetically pleasing, but function sort of goes out the window a bit. Just make them square or even round the corners, but that jagged angle/shape makes packing things in them sort of limited.

Those are my only two real grips with the KQR panniers. The first one being a real douse IMO!
I agree about the mutual exclusive choice an N1K owner has to make between an OEM rear rack and OEM saddlebags. It seems shortsighted by Kawasaki. Then again, the N1K's DNA is sport bike, not touring. But the move to factory saddlebags for this bike indicates Kawasaki thinks there is a good market for sport touring bikes, unlike Honda who has walked away from the genre. They aren't wrong, just haven't seen the full picture yet? (I also own a '05 ST1300 and looking for a Honda-built successor in vain, even as the Kawasaki C14 and Yamaha FJR continue to sell well. Which is how I came to own a '15 N1K and enjoying it more than I expected. It's over 200 lbs lighter than an ST1300 and pushes all the right buttons for me.) But I digress...

I have mentioned this idea before. Notice the Kawa Versys 1000 with bags. Notice that that bike has a rear rack, which bolts into the rear grab handles, which mount those saddlebags. While the mounting is different, the similarity is close enough to suggest this could be done on the N1K. The replacement grab handles that come with the KQR bags for the N1K could also have threaded mounts machined into the back of those handles that would support a small rear rack very nicely.
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So, update on my saddlebags situation. I got a call from Kawasaki a few days after ordering. The lady said it was a mistake that those items were available for purchase online, and they were on back order thru dealers, but I she could help me contact a dealer.

I proceeded to look at other options, and noticed another user on here stated stuff was avail the on Amazon.

Well, just got the last box in today! All my KQR 28l saddlebags and components in Kawasaki boxes inside of Amazon boxes!

I'm sure I'm gonna love these, but I'll post later on my experience with them.
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