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KQR Saddlebags - What fits?

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Was thinking about getting the KQR saddlebags for my N1K. I need to carry my laptop to work (T420 - 13.5 x 10 x 1 inch). I looked at the bags at a recent motorcycle show, but it doesn't look like a laptop will fit. Anyone currently have KQR bags and carry their laptop?

It looks like the Givi V35 has more room in it, but I prefer the look of the KQR.

Any advice or recommendations?
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Laptops fit if around a 14-15" diagonal screen without any issue, at least the ones I've tried. I currently use a Dell Lattitude E7440 most of the time and it goes in quite well. It is Width: 13.2" / 337.0mm
Height: .8"/21.0mm
Depth: 9.1" / 231.5mm

Honestly I wouldn't mind bigger bags but they way these are nice and tight to the bike and the mounts invisible when gone, I am pretty much sticking with them. They work quite nicely all around and no water ingress in rain.

One big plus is my XL full face modular helmet will fit as well. A lot of bags and top boxes it won't until you get up around the bigger 41l sizes. I have to put it in just right but it fits.

The bags are spendy for what they are but it is obvious they put a lot of thought into the mounting. The should just make them about 20% bigger (longer, not wider) and I'd be totally sold on them except for the fact that there are not top box options that works with the factory mounts.

This is somewhat lessened for me as the bags aren't too wide to lane split in California. The Givi would have stuck out quite a bit more and this would have been a big issue for me. So not having a top box at least isn't as big a PITA as I thought it would be but at the same time, my backpack won't fit in so I just take my laptop out and wear the backpack pretty much empty.
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Thanks for the detailed information! Didn't realize the Givi bags were wider. Looks like the KQR's are the way to go
If you get up toward San Clemente at all, I'll be there this week sometime if you want to take a look at them on the bike. I've done a few other mods as well you might be interested in.
You should consider getting top case instead if that's all you want luggage for. You can get the SW-MOTECH rack which bolts up pretty easily and then get something like a Givi B37NT (what I have) or a V46 if you want something bigger. With a topcase, you don't lose the room on the sides when you need to lane split. :)
I have to say that even with the bags on the N1K, it doesn't really have a fat @$$. It is still pretty narrow. God knows I did enough lane splitting this weekend. I don't want to curse myself and then something happens.

At first I wanted a top box more than the bags or to have bags AND a top box and use the top box when lane splitting. Since there is no option of adding a top box with the factory bags at this time I thought I'd try the bags for a while and make my final decision.

So now after about a month of riding in LA and San Francisco it has been much better than I thought it would. If the lanes are so narrow that these bags are going to hit I need to be going pretty slow just to be safe.
I sometimes carry a 15" MacBook Pro along when on multi-day trips. It fits in my KQR bag easily, along with other soft goods of course. The other bag carries the "hard" stuff. I like the OEM bags a lot. It's obvious some serious engineering went into these bags. On trips, I carry about 20 lbs in each bag, plus a waterproof folding bag as a pillion for my personal things. In addition to easily carrying the weight, I can also verify the bags handle speed well ...up to 120 mph, anyway. No buffeting or adverse handling issues. I didn't push it any faster, but 75-85 mph just cruising with these bags.


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