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Kootenay trip

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In an effort to put something in the west coast Canada section, here are some pics from last years trip through the Kootenays. I'm sitting here in -25 degree, snow covered agony, planning this years trip. Last years route was such a blast I've decided to do some of the same this year with some different roads thrown in.


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Looks like ohio but with mountains LOL.

Good Stuff!

I feel your pain although it was 56 in ohio today.. still too much bike rotting salt on the ground for me to take it out though :/
Great pics! Thanks for sharing... do the ferrys have a way to secure your bike other than just sitting on the deck with the stand down?

No, those little ferrys don't. The big ones that go to Vancouver Island have blocks. That is actually a bull Elk. They wander through the town and camgrounds around Jasper like we don't exist.
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I've seen what deer can do to a car. If you crossed paths with that land beast, it would be an epic fail.
Cool pics!
I used to live in Vancouver and I toured all over BC with my friends.
It is by far the most beautiful province in Canada!
I really miss it!
Haven't been back since 2008 but I hope to ride there soon, maybe in 2016.
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There is a cool party in the Kootenays the first weekend in July called the Borcht, BBQ, and Burn that is supposed to be epic! You should try to make it to that.
Nice pics. My brother lives in Nelson. Not sure if I can get out there this year but maybe next year. If/when I do, I will post some pix from that part of the Interior. Very nice .. as with most of BC.
Two of the best rides I've ever experienced were:

1) through the Interior: Abbotsford --> Hope --> Princeton --> Osoyoos--> Casltegar--> Nelson, and return to Abbotsford.

Just about everything you could want: mountains, twisties, canyons, long sweeping stretches, plenty of almost empty road.

We did it in summer, and while hot through stretches my Hyperkewl & Camelbak kept me comfy & well-watered.

2) Abbotsford --> Whistler --> Pavilion --> Cache Creek --> Kamloops --> Merrit --> Hope--> Abbotsford

Again, all kinds of roads and topography.

This is among the best places in the world to ride, and I am grateful to live here.
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Do you recall how many hrs or days for that first trip "1)" ?

Would like to try that starting from Nelson and returning there.
I believe it was about 8 hrs in the saddle one-way. (We overnighted in Nelson.) I'd peg that as about an ideal day, as I was pleasantly tired at the end of each day, but not ruined for the next day.
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You have to stay at the Hume hotel in Nelson! I loved it. If you're going to round trip to Nelson, I would head up through Kaslo, left on 31A, through New Denver, across on the Faquier ferry and you'll end up in Vernon. From there you can head down through Penticton, Princeton, Hope, and then Abbotsford. On the way back you can stick to the #3 all the way back. I've never been on that one; It's on the agenda for this year. If you do decide to go through Penticton, you must take a few minutes and do the Apex Mountain road. It leads up the mountain to a big resort, and it's a blast!
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I believe I remember seeing the Hume; I like the boutique feel and the rooms look nice. (I viewed their website.) They even have a package for riders!

That route looks nice indeed, and allows one to possibly take some time in Nakusp. Haven't been to the springs since I was around 11 years old! Too long.

Apex Mountain Rd: noted. I found the roads past Hedley, riding right along the river, to be richly delightful.
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