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Kawi Tank Bag Review

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Found one on Ebay for less than retail so I bought it. Mounting is a combo of straps & magnets which do hold it securely. Velcro at rear of bag allows for quick removal for fueling. Not very large so you have to plan/pack accordingly. Interesting clear pocket on top for electronics such toll road passes. Pass thru for wired devices also. Overall, nice design but could have more capacity, I'll give it a B-.
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Do you have a link, picture or video?
We trust you but we're curious.
I don't but if you go to Kaw website you'll see it as an accessory. Sorry
From the looks of it, the bag appears to use a strap. Up front. Is it really there? Where does it mount to?

I/m thinking its this one?

Kawasaki Ninja 1000 2014 Tank Bag Black | eBay
Yes, front strap mounts to edge of fuel tank. Rear velcro strap mounts to fuel tank bracket. You get small velcro patches which mount underneath the tank pivot bracket. Bag itself has velcro at back which attaches to the rear velcro strap. So far has been very secure up to 75 mph.
Been using this bag for a few years with no problems even at high speeds (over 90) and no straps, just magnets. The capacity is modest but I also have a tail bag and saddle bags when I need to carry gear or groceries.

The top sleeve is clear to hold a map and snaps on (or off) if you need it. The rear compartment has a push-through slit to pass through your I pod or cell phone earbuds.

MotoCentric Mototrek 14 Tank Bag - Motorcycle Superstore
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YDO, I like that one, and its nto even high dollar. That full size, clear part is nice. Hos i sit for water resistance?
It has a rain cover for heavy rain. It has two pockets, on in the front and one in the back. The front I keep a pair of sunglasses and the back I use for my phone/ipod.

It also has straps that make it a backpack so you can take it with you and you valuables.
20 liters is pretty awesome, so I ordered one. Now to figure out exactly where to adhere the velcro straps under the seat....
I've had one of these for about 5 years. it's served me well for that entire time but is getting pretty worn. I think I'm going to replace with another of the same model......
Thanks for this, im looking for a good tank bag, but having the hard cases I dont need quite that much extra storage..
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