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Kawasaki Ninja1000 2013 swingarm spools

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I want to mount a pair of swingarm spools for my Ninja1000 2013, what do you guys recommend? what brand are you using? what size should I buy? Thanks in advance.
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If you search:
Rear stand spools
There will be a wealth of information
Really ? I bought the 8mm Pitbull spools for my `14. did they change the thread size? Haven't had clearance problems either, which some seem to report.
From the aforementioned thread, I learned that 11-13 uses 10mm and 2014 uses 8mm.
Tony, that's interesting that those worked for you. I had the same exact set left over from my gsxr and mounted them on the 14 ninja. Both sides with the oem exhausts scratched a bit from the top of the rings rubbing on them so I took them off.
According to other members input, including my own, from the original spool thread:

2011-2013 10mm
2014 8mm
Sergio, one issue to be aware of is that depending on the spool you purchase, it can rub against the stock exhaust if you leave it in place after you use it. I found out the hard way! I think buying the frame slider spools for the rear axle is much more expensive but ultimately much safer.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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