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kawasaki Ninja H2: The Supercharged Machine

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Kawasaki Teases the Upcoming Ninja H2, Is It the Supercharged Machine?

Kawasaki has revealed the name of the new member in the Ninja family, but the rest of the details remain a well-kept secret. The new Ninja is called H2, and we suspect it will be a machine powered by a supercharged engine, possibly the one the house of Akashi introduced last autumn.

So far these are only speculations, though it seems like this story might turn out to be true, after all. The blacked-out profile of the Ninja H2 was shown in the first video teaser Kawasaki, and the lines clearly belong to a sport bike, making sense to see Akashi delivering a new high-performance machine to change a bit the rules of the game.

As Kawasaki says, the H2 embodies the spirit of three past models, the Mach IV H2, the 3-cylinder H1 and the Z1 Super Four, so we’re most likely in for a modern reinterpretation of the old-school Kawasaki sport bike approach.

Some believe that Kawasaki will deliver a 2-stroke machine, reviving the rather lost era of the 2-stroke sport bikes, but again, this is also pure speculation. Considering the current market trends, a high-power turbocharged engine would make much more sense, especially as it would allow the bike to retain a fairly small displacement while maintaining or even improving the power figures. With a smaller displacement, emissions and fuel consumption would also be lower so everybody should be happy, provided that the price is right.

Even more, Suzuki has already unveiled their plans to go turbo with new models, while Honda is also rumored to work on a supercharged new engine, with the same ultimate goal of delivering more power from smaller engines.

The all-new Kawasaki Ninja H2 is said to break cover at the end of the month at the Intermot show in Cologne, Germany, but more teasers are expected to surface in the meantime. Make sure you check back with autoevolution for the next info on the Ninja H2.

Source: Autoevolution

What do you guys think of a force induction motorcycle?
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What do I think? Awesome!!!!!!

I don't so much like the idea of a 250 hp 1000cc bike, the current supersports are ridiculous fast now.

I love the idea of a 300cc twin with 600cc power.

Of course, this all depends on how the power is delivered. If forced induction can bring the power on seamlessly down low in the rev range it's a win win. If it doesn't begin spooling up until 5k then that'll be a problem.

All in all, we shall see what happens. It's exciting either way when new tech comes out (in this case revisited old tech.) to the public.
How bout a supercharged single!! Now that would be fun.
I knid of agree! I love the idea of the bike, but as SailorJack infers a 250bhp 1000cc bike will be a total monster as the current liter sportsbikes are getting about as far as is reasonable for most non-racers to handle. However, if it's developed as a 300cc machine with 600cc performance, as great as that will be, the problem will be that the size of the bike will be shrunk so much that you need to be a teenager to be able to ride it in comfort! I remember when I moved from a 600 to a 900 (ZX9R-E1 as it was) and the next development was that liter bikes like the R1 and then the ZX10R turned up and were similar proportions to the previous crop of 600s! I am not one for criticising or wanting to halt innovation but there are associated issues that need to be considered.

As for power delivery, as it's a supercharger then power delivery will be pretty smooth and linear as it's run off the crank, rather than the surge-like nature of a turbo.

I am still very much interested to see how they offer it; I have seen hints that it could be used for a uber-tourer and ZZR replacement due to the linear power delivery.

Looking forward to hearing everyone else's thoughts.
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