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Kawasaki Ninja celebrates its 30th Anniversary

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The Kawasaki Ninja family is celebrating its 30th anniversary this month. It first debuted in 1984 with the GPZ900R.

Kawasaki has unveiled a new ninja logo in at a press conference in barcelona Spain where the 2014 KRT Superbike team and machines were introduced to the press.

If you once owned, currently own or are simply just keen to discover more about the Kawasaki spirit then our Ninja 30 celebration plans are focused on you,” Toshiaki Tani, Sales Promotion Senior Manager added.

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I found out about the 30th anniversary of the Ninja from the February cover of Cycle World.
The writer said the Ninja 1000 is the direct descendant of the original Ninja 900.

I would like to see that logo on a hat, shirt, fleece or decal.
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The press release mentions celebrations across Europe. I hope some love is shown towards the USA. I suppose they will have year long events.
wow 30 years of ninja

Any special editions?
I had to look that reference up. Mortal Kombat. I thought you were talking about a suzuki katana.

I'm still waiting for some U.S. events celebrating this milestone as well as some merchandise.

I'm beggin' ya.
There was big Ninja doings at Laguna last weekend at the WSB event.
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