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just ordered the M4 slip-ons

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List price is $529, but a few sites had them for $476. I love the way they sound in the video (www.m4exhaust.com/products/kawasaki-z1000-2010.htm), and it looks like they should clear the hard bags with no problem. I called m4 last week to see if they had tested that, but they hadn't. The slip-ons should arrive next week, and I'll post before and after videos if anyone is interested.
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You will like them. They were on the bike when I purchased mine and the sound is perfect. Enjoy...
For anyone who was wondering whether the M4 slipons will fit with the factory hard bags, it's not an issue at all. Now to find a fender eliminator that works with them...


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If M4 is not an issue with hard bags then urban brawlers are safe too.

I still haven't found a list of compatible parts for this, so I took measurements, and went with my best guess. I ordered the FE-K10Z1 fender eliminator kit from MotoDynamic. It comes with mounts for both factory and 10mm turn signals. Then I ordered the HH-68-9292 10mm shark turn signal set and HH-68-2525 turn signal relay from Highway Hawk. Total cost was $124, including shipping. Both front and rear signals flash at the normal rate with the relay installed, and now I can take the bike on beach trips, etc. again. With the 10mm mounts turned 'inside' rather than 'outside', the new signals *just* clear the factory hard bags.


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I've added slip-ons to several previous bikes but I've never had a set quite like the M4's. The installation was super-simple and installed in mere minutes to my '14 model without any issues whatsoever. The exhaust note is great too (IMHO) being deeper and not excessively loud. I really couldn't be happier.
Another happy M4 owner here. Affordable, look great with bags on or off, good sound.... extremely pleased with purchase!
Do you have a PC installed or don't need with the M4 slip ons?
I recently picked up some M4's for my bike. I am running Ivan's reflash package with Akra dual header. The M4's are STUPID loud....BUT......call M4 direct and order their Stage 2 inserts for $35ea and it brings the sound back to good levels.

I'm really liking the M4's now.

I bought a set last weekend. They sound good. But are a little on the louder side compared to stock. Not sure if I will baffle yet or not. But they look and sound good.
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