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Just Another New Guy

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Hey forum members!

I am a new Ninja 1000 owner from Olympia, Wa. I recently purchased a 2012 leftover with factory luggage. This is my fourth bike (past bikes: '99 TL1000R, '09 ZX-14, '02 DR650 all of which have been sold) I intend for this bike to be an everyday commuter, as well as some weekend touring trips. I have always gained a ton of information from the forums, and am sure this one will be no disappointment. Unfortunately, I gain a lot more than I give...sorry and thanks! Anyway, I have been lurking around here for a few weeks and thought I should introduce myself. Thanks again for all you guys put into this, I really appreciate your time, knowledge, expertise, and experience!
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Great intro!!! Glad you're not lurking anymore.
Congrats on your new bike! You are going to love it!
A sargent seat, a Fuel Cut Eliminator from Ivan's Peformance will even out the on/off throttle issue and finally, spend some time getting your suspension setup (sag, etc.) and you will have an amazing ride!
Welcome stalker.

Yes my ratio of contribution vs. enlightenment is questionable as well.
As long as we help when we can.
The seat is definately on my list but ive read that the sargant still leaves you smashed against the tank, so I am still looking for feedback on this one and others. I'll have to look into Ivan's map for this bike, the problem I have to get past first is explaining to my wife why "the perfect bike" needs so many mods...
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Look into the Kawasaki gel seat thread.

Ah yes, the chief financial officer, better known as the wife.
Welcome! I like my Sargent. I found it slippery to begin with, but after I broke it in, I can stay off the tank. If you plan on doing any touring at all, look into going +1 -2 on the sprockets. Much nicer highway machine, and you don't really notice the higher gearing around town.
Northern, thanks for the info! I'm looking to build comfort and practicality out of what I would consider a gentleman's sportbike. Both tips will prove useful and before anybody says anything, at least I didn't start with a supersport. I just wasn't ready to go to a cruiser, or full touring. Surely somebody in here was along the same lines when picking out this bike right?
I have a ZX10R, and I wanted something that was comfy for week tours or even day trips, yet still sporty enough to be fun. For my riding style, this bike is more than sporty enough, and very comfy for the long hauls. I kept the ZX10 just in case this new bike didn't scratch all my itches, but I forsee a ZX10 with a "For Sale" sign on it very soon!
N1K, welcome. I totally agree with the "gentleman's sportsbike" comment! I wanted something more comfortable as the days of me spending anytime in the agony the race reps require is long behind me and there was no way I was going to head down the cruiser route!! I looked at the Concours in the dealer and even that just looked too large; I also looked at the Yamaha FZ range and they just didn't do it for me.

I am also with you on the "long haired general" (as we refer to the wife when in the UK military) issue when wanting to do things to what is a great bike. Mine was a "retirement" present to myself, after 18 years service.
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