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2021 Ninja 1000 SX SE, 2022 Z900RS, 2022 SV650
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Hi Guys,
Not another Ninja 1000SX SE as before, but a close Cousin, the 2022 Z900RS.
It's VIN dated 08/21, so it's been in the Warehouse in Sydney for a few weeks. It's the Deep Metallic Blue colour with yellow tank stripes.
The top stripe is Gloss Black. There's never enough of Black paint on a Kawasaki Bike is there ?
It's the 1979 colourway apparently. Our Mate here Rolly C will know for sure.

My preferred colour, the Metallic Green with silver stripes, is currently not available to order. Perhaps the next boatload, who knows ?
I am getting it delivered on Monday, the weather is predicted rain, flood and thunderstorm free, so that's a win for a ride.

I was cross shopping several bikes, but stock is scarce; the 2021 stuff is going or gone, and 2022 product is very slowly coming in dribs and drabs.
My shop floor picture below does not do justice to the bike as the leaned over stance on the side stand makes it look squatter than it is.

The Dealer was given two bikes like mine out of a order of four. Thankfully Kwaka Au don't ask for a signed Contract and a copy of the deposit like Suzuki do !
It should be a good companion for that little ripper of a Suzuki SV650 I got in April - boy I love it, always a smile after the ride on back road or highway.


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2021 Ninja 1000 SX SE, 2022 Z900RS, 2022 SV650
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A 250 KM update:
I am surprised how familiar the Z900RS is to my ex Ninja 1000 SX SE. The Kwaka DNA I guess.
Very torquey engine, velvet smooth suspension, and a desire not to speed away past the speed limits. Just ticks over like clock.
The speedo doesn't have the beautiful plasma screen from the Ninja's, but it does do the job at hand.

The Z900RS has been around 3 years now, and little changes in production are evident to me. Like the brown/ochre coloured LED's displaying now a bit brighter, and the clutch action more industry standard in bite point. The last two I rode disengaged at 1 mm off the bar fully pulled in. The sharp jolt from the shock over tar snakes and like has been smoothed out.
That was big point for me on the older demo bikes a year or two back now. This purchase was done in blind faith that Kawasaki should have fixed the initial reported issues like 'jerkiness' of the throttle action by now. I saw none then, and still see none in my bike today. No 2022 demo bikes now to ride.

Fit and finish is excellent, it's well made. The Sporting Z900 which is it's parent as you well know, is just below this RS's skin. It yell's Z900 very loudly.
The exhaust can is looks good, but the Rider is hearing air induction noise, not the exhaust.
Point it to the corners, and it knows exactly what to do. Counter steer it hard, and you will do a 90 degree turn, yet it so stable at the bars at straight ahead, it's like driving a car on auto pilot.

Everything is not perfection, there's a few niggles.
The seating position for instance.
The rider pegs too far back.The chrome speedo rings reflective of midday sunlight.
Seat, it's hours on comfortable, but the tank was stretched longer for the Z1 1970's look, but it needs to be 50 mm shorter. That 50 mm has come from the riders bum area.

The result is that I'm pushing up onto the rear of the sloping tank, but the seat is grippy, so the jeans are stretching to keep me off the tank's paint. Tank protector required to be ordered.
There's People with larger bottoms circumferences than mine I guess, and I am up against the riders sloping bum rest area. I take up all the Riders designated area.
The seat feels like I am sloping down hill towards the tank all the time as per a full Sportsbike. Style over function I think - a better seat would be like on a V Strom 1000 where the seat ramps up upwards further up onto the tank, but that's not a 1970 bike then. The Z900RS has a functional seat, but not a perfect one for all sizes.
The seat also feels too high, and I am 180 cm/ 6 foot tall. The donor bike's frame is the reason why it's so tall and I don't sit in but on the bike. The N1K was the same ergo's.
My SV650 is the riding triangle that works for me, where I sit in rather than hang on the bike. Perhaps why I like it so much after 6 months use now.

I'm thinking the accessory lower seat (as per the standard fitment in Asian Markets) is the correct seat for this bike here.
Between the pegs being just too far back (and Kawa saying that they did moved them forward a bit) and with the fore said seat issues, I find that I am riding it like a Sportsbike, arms in tension against the bars. The N1K felt the same to me, but it was a Sports bike.
But saying that, my feet when on the ground, the legs are in the centre line of the pegs, so the positioning of the pegs should be correct for me.

The Rider triangle for me is clearly not at it's best "just now". Not wrong, but not as good as it could be.
It results in stiff neck muscles, but I am getting old at sub 70 now, so wear and tear in the neck disc's is there all day, every day, now. That's life for a Baby Boomer.
At speed, 100 KPH, it's all good. Ride all day.

I think the donor Z900 gearing has been borrowed too. This modified engine has SO much torque, it can easily miss a few gears up from first. 1, then 3, then 5/6 are the way to go to get up to speed.
It does bog down of the start line in the traffic lights GP if I use all the lower gears. I think the emissions are at fault though - like it's unsure which set of the multiple 3 dimension fuel maps is needed.
A remap would be route that many Owners would consider, but for my use it's OK as is. When I reach 4th gear, there's a long gap to the cars, but the first few car lengths are a worry if I fluff it.

All in all, a good bike, but it's big test will be in 6 months time when it's 'keep or go' time. Next ride on the SV650 will be interesting, as the Z will feel the new 'normal'.

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