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Intro & question about throttle response

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Hi all, New here & wanted to introduce me & my bike.

I just purchased this bike last weekend, it's a 2012 Ninja 1000 with 1,000 miles on it.

Loving it so far, I have had several liter bikes ranging from an 08 CBR 1000RR to a couple of ZX10R's.

I am curious about the throttle because none of my other bikes had this issue & maybe it's just the way the bike is supposed to be. When I am going thru gears & RPM's & engaging the clutch to switch gears the bike slows down then with the next throttle pull it wants to throw me back in the seat. If I am in 6th gear on the freeway & if I let off the throttle the bike starts slowing down & if I slowly roll the throttle back it wants to throw me back in the seat.

The throttle is just not as smooth as any of my other bikes & is this just the nature of this bike? This is the only Ninja 1000 I have ever ridden.

Here is a picture from a 300 mile trip I took on it this last weekend, please excuse the bugs!

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I think (not sure) what you are describing is the fuel cut that is fixed by Ivans FCE. Do a quick google... you may want to just send Ivan your credit card, he really improves the earlier models...
I was thinking Ivans was the way to go as well after reading what his remap would do.

Welcome swing2hard! It does sound like you might want to talk to Ivan. Although I noticed the fuel cut at first but I'm used to it now.
So that's what that is, I just thought my last bike was way smoother
I'm thinkin kawi fixed this in the later models... 14 and 15... mine's a 2012. Just gotta be aware the bike will jump a little at throttle roll on. Especially in parking lots, LOL
The nice part I noticed is that I don't have to down shift going into turns, hehe

I can go into a 35 mph turn in 5th gear & pound the throttle & it's like a rocket even
in 5th, I have to hang on.

It will take some getting used to, I am still having fun with this bike.
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Yeah my 2013 does it too, but I love that throw me back in the seat feeling!
Plus I come from riding many Italian twins and BMW's so I am used to that jerky, bouncy, jumping feeling.
Makes me laugh!
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