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I can't post the effort because I had the local shop do it (it was so cheap it wasn't worth me screwing it up)

I can post to the result. Both my brother and I have 2014 N1K's. We both did the supersprox.com front 16 tooth (cst1537-16) sprocket (25 bucks).

The idea was to make the gears useful in this bike and to decrease rpm at 70-75MPH.

We succeeded! The bike goes from frenetic shifting to torquey smooth. Not an exact description. Both of us noted that we didn't even try to shift into that phantom 7th gear! Low speed drive-ability is exactly what you think- lower rpm and enjoyable. Each gear feels like it has a purpose instead of just a temporary stopping point before you shift again.

We also noticed no measurable drop in acceleration. If anything the bike gets to spend an extra few tenths in each gear which means less shifting and more on throttle time.

This mod is so perfect that we both are scratching our heads as to why Kawi didn't do this from the factory. I don't think we will change out the rear! this drops top gear rpm by about 500rpm, so less highway buzz. We are more sport twistie riders and go out of our way to avoid highways, but its nice to now have a 7th gear ;)
So Gary, the stock sprocket is 15 teeth, and you went up to 16?
Might do this myself. Chain length ok ?
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