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I have initiated a new discussion about installing a USB outlet on the Ninja 1000 SX to detail how it worked on my 2022. I watched and learned a great deal from Jonathan Long’s excellent video here of his installation on his 2018. I recommend watching his video for a comprehensive description, including how to remove the left side fairing piece, etc.

However, my 2022 has a different accessory wire setup compared with what Jonathan dealt with on his 2018. While on the 2018 he found two wires available under the fairing on the left, to which he connected wires to his USB outlet, my 2022 has an accessory plug that was taped to the wiring harness under the left fairing. To gain access to it I pulled the fitting out of and away from the electrical tape that held it against the wiring harness. I was reluctant to try cutting it loose with a razor blade, not wanting to risk cutting any wires. It pulled loose without much trouble. It’s a little hard to see. You might find it easier to find it by feeling around. Here’s what it looked like on mine:

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Once pulled loose, I found the wires to be very short. To examine it more closely, I poked the female fitting through a hold in the fairing next to it. Here’s what it looks like:
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The two round ports are plugged with two soft plastic plugs that can be removed. To separate the two parts of the fitting, you’ll want to stick a screwdriver underneath the female part of the fitting and press down on a tab there. See below. Here is a photo of it after I disconnected the female part. My screwdriver is pointing to the tab you need to press down on to pull the two parts of the fitting apart. You’ll be poking the screwdriver under the tab from the male end of the fitting.
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Here’s another view from a different angle.
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Here’s what the female fitting looks like with the two plastic plugs removed:
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Now, the cheapest possible way to proceed would be to purchase the identical female fitting with the metal prongs and replacement plastic plugs that hold them in place. I found those pieced on eBay here. They were described on eBay as Plug in Consumer Connection Kit For Kawasaki Ninja 650 ABS Z900 Ninja 1000 Z H2
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But, being lazy, fearful, and pound foolish, I decided instead to buy the whole kit and kaboodle on eBay. I got the For Kawasaki Dual USB Port Outlet Power Socket Z900 ZR900F ZR900H 99994-1353 US. Which includes the female fitting ALREADY WIRED UP WITH THE PLUGS, etc., and connected to a USB outlet. I found it here. It cost $19.99 and I got in in a few days. It looks like this:
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However, the USB outlet is not/not the same as Jonathan recommended. It is not threaded and held in place by a plastic nut that threads on from the other side of the fairing, as I’d wanted. This one has a bracket you can use. Easiest and cheapest would be to plug this thing into your accessory fitting and fasten this USB outlet somewhere under the fairing and run your USB charging cable from there.

But not me! No, I wanted the super sanitary install that Jonathan did. So, I purchased a separate USB outlet with the threads, locking nut, etc., and connected the wires from that with the wires from this plug-in setup. I just cut the wires to the non-threaded USB outlet and used just the female fitting and the wires. Not the cheapest way to go, but easy.

So, I plugged the new female fitting into the existing male fitting. It’s easiest to work on it with the fittings poked through the hole in the fairing.

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Then, I removed the little round plastic plug that covers the round hole in the left part of the fairing. You’ll probably need a short/short Phillips head to do it. The plastic plug will not/not thread off by twisting, since it’s locked in place to this little bracket.

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Here’s the threaded USB outlet with locking nut:

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I've reached the limits of how many photos I can include. I'll continue w/out photos below:

You didn’t think that USB outlet would fit perfectly in that hole did you? Of course not. Some rattail file action was needed. Never go to a deserted island w/out one of these.

So, pull the wires back under the fairing, drag ‘em up where you have some room to work on ‘em, join up the wires with solderless connectors. I connected the wires and turned the ignition key on to ensure there was current to the USB outlet. You could tell there was because the USB outlet lit up.

I wound up with a super-sanitary install just like the one that Jonathan did.

Also, I took Jonathan’s advice regarding how to mount my iPhone with the RAM mount on the Ninja 1000 SX. He recommended this steering stem mount. I ordered it on Amazon. It’s called a 12mm Hexagon Hole GPS Mount fits Honda Blackbird & Kawasaki Motorcycles for Tomtom Rider (SKU 19774) here. It’s sold by BuyBits, which apparently ships it from the UK. It cost me $31.00 and another $15 or so for shipping, which took about two weeks.

But, but, after ordering the BuyBits piece and seeing it was going to take 2 to 3 weeks to arrive, I discovered an almost identical part, also on Amazon, that ships from the U.S. and is cheaper! It’s called a Mounts Lab MotoMount Ninja- Kawasaki Ninja Motorcycle for 12mm Hexagon Hole Mount/Fork stem Base Mount with 1inch(25mm) Ball- Compatible with Phone/Camera/GPS Mount(Adapter), black (ML-Ninja01) Got all that? It’s here. It costs $28.89. Such a deal!

I’d probably go with this one as it’s cheaper and would arrive sooner. However, I’m happy with my BuyBits part.

So, that’s it. Not too difficult if you know what to look for, where to find what you need, etc. How did we manage to get around on motorcycles before the advent of navigational aids? Good luck with your installation.

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Thanks for the excellent instruction. I plan to make a splitter for that aux power connection, one for GPS power and one for charging.
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